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Daniel Janes immigrated from Devonshire, England to Carbonear Newfoundland in 1784. His wife was a lady by the name of Elizabeth(?) I know they had at least 1 son, Charles(b. 1810)

Charles married a lady by the name of Catherine(?). They had 11 children,they are as follows, Elizabeth b.1833; Jonathan b.1834; Jane b.1837 married Samuel Pike of Carbonear; William b.1839; James b.1841; Daniel b. 1843; Robert Addy b. 1844-d.1933;(my G-grandfather) Charles b.1847-d.1933; Joseph b.1850; George Apsey b.1852; Marie Marie b.1855.

2 of Charles(1810-?)sons, Robert Addy(1844-1933)and George Apsey(1852-?) went to Bonne Bay Newfoundland. Robert Addy in 1876 and George in 1890. Robert married Sarah Parsons in 1876.

Sarah Parsons was born in Harbour Grace in 1858 and died in 1933. She is buried in Glenburnie NFLD.

Robert and Sarah had 10 children, they are as follows.

William (1877-1968) married Sarah Elizabeth Young(1885-1969) in 1906. No children, but they adopteda girl by the name of Eva Maud Caines(1911-?) Eva married a man by the name of Wm. McKenzie (1904-?) Eva & Wm. had 7 children(Maud, Sadie,Eric,Clara,Hugh,Eileen & Wade). Clara married Robert Anderson. Maud married Clyde Belbin:Hugh married Miss Keough,Sadie married Kenneth Belbin, Wade married Sonya Wells.

Catherine (1880-?)married Wm. Isaac Keough(1876-?) in 1900. she was born in Silverton & he was born in Parson's Pond NFLD.

Mary-Ann (Sep 8/1882-1896)born in Silverton NFLD. Only lived 14 years.

Charles (1886- March 8,1972) was born in Glenburnie,NFLD. He moved to California,USA as a young man so not a lot of info available. Do know he was married twice. His first wife was named Helen. She and Charles had 1 child, a son named Allen. Helen died young and Charles moved to the US. Supposedly met and married a lady by the name of Ida. They had 2 sons named Norman and John. Apparently his son Allen lived in Somerville Maine I am led to believe his sons Norman and John live in California or possibly Maine. If anyone can help me find Charles sons or if his wife Ida is still living please call me at 403-791-3345 or Email me at the address at the bottom of this page.

Elizabeth (1884-?) married Meshack(Sandy)Parsons(1880-?) in 1905.she was born in Silverton / he was born in Rocky Harbour NFLD.

Arabella (1887-1897) born in Silverton NFLD. Only lived 10 years.

Caroline (1890-1892) born in Silverton NFLD. only lived 2 years.

Clara (1893-189?) born in Silverton NFLD.

Joseph Randall ((1896-Nov 1/1957) married Gertrude Mary Payne(1900-1918) in 1917. They had 1 daughter, Arabella(March 1918-Nov 14,1918) Joseph remarried in 1922 to Jane Emily Benoit(July 18,1903-October 16,1996)

Fraser Wilson (1898-1954) married Francis Lang (1905-1994) in 1923. They both born in Silverton and both are bureid in Deer Lake NFLD. I am their grandson. didn't have much opportunity to get much info from my Grandmother as she was quite senile for her latter years.

Children of Joseph Randall Janes and Jane Emily Benoit.

Donald Fraser (1922-1943)

Mary Ella (1924-?)married Eric Reid

Charles Raymond (1925)married(July 7,1947) Marion Parsons(Oct 8,1923-Jan 22,1971)

Ada Margaret (1928-1993)married Irvin Smith (b.random Island,T.B.)

Gordon Randall (1930-Aug 14,1968)married Alice Parsons. (1st cousin to Marion)

Angus Robert (1937)Married Shirly Osbourne of Seal Cove,NFLD.

Alma Vivian (1932)married Glenn Moss of Deer Lake, NFLD>

Children of Fraser Wilson Janes & Frances Lang.

Robert Arthur(Sep 14/1924-Mar 2/1982)married Leila Grace Shears (Nov 25/1926)

Arrabella (May 1927-Sep 9/1996)married Aloysuis McDonald

Hilda (Dec 2.1933)married Richard McDonald

Myra Alma (Dec 12/1938)married Austin Shears(Apr 20/1933)

Stanley Lloyd Wayne (July 19/1951) maried Catherine Butt(June 8/1955)

Wilson Fraser (Died infancy-lived approx 4-5 months.

If any if this info looks familiar please contact me. I have more info on the descendants of Daniel and Elizabeth Janes but none on their ancestors. If you could help in any way I would appreciate it. If I can help you please feel free to contact me.

NOTE: Silverton NFLD. is now called Glenburnie.


Dan Shears
Fort McMurray, Alberta

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